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Welcome to Realm-X, my City of Heroes fansite! My name is BitLoadR, and I've played City of Heroes for 7 years.

In 2004 I stumbled upon gameplay videos of the game and was instantly interested in it. The only problem was that the game wasn't available in Europe yet. So I had to wait a couple of months. Yet when the game was available I made sure I got the only copy available at the local game store. With the game in hand I ran back home and installed it, only to be stopped by the fact that it required a credit card to register. And I had none.
So I ordered a credit card which arrive a few days later, registered my account, logged in and...
I had to come up with a name for my first character. It had to be good, something that others would remember me by.
Somehow I ended up creating a female blaster with Energy Blast & Energy Manipulation powers. And she was awesome to play with!

I made friends, joined a Supergroup and teamed up with different people to earn XP quicker than a McDonalds employee makes a hamburger. It was a rush everytime I logged in and joined the cause to protect the innocent!

And then it all ended...sortof...

In 2012 the publisher pulled the plug and left thousands of players stranded and floating in dead gamespace. Why? Because of reasons.

But the community prevailed! Former players gathered their strength and starting building their own versions of the game they loved. And so several projects where born: Paragon Chat, a chat-client that uses the games' files to build a virtual world where people can chat and gather; City of Titans, a possible follow up to the original; Ship of Heroes, a game that tries to mimic the environment and feel of the original game; And many more.

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